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Hearts of Gold turned out to be 10 years anniversary on 10, Oct. 2007.
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Join the Runner's Aid!

Many small powers make a great power

The Runner's Aid was started in 1994, as an activity supporting the establishment of Asian Artificial Limbs Production Center", with the National Liaison Council of People's Marathon calling for local marathons to join.

The Runner's Aid is charity run, whose participants run not only for their own health and records but also for others who are not able to run, and has been spreading from running events in the western parts of Japan to citizen marathons all over Japan.

Hearts of God (HG) has encouraged citizen marathons all over the country and running events to join the Runner's Aid.

Cambodia has achieved remarkable reconstruction, compared with 13 years ago, when the Charity Marathon was first held at Angkor Wat, and many people from all over the world are visiting the remains of Angkor Wat temple complex. A number of runners with warm hearts of charity from the world meet at the Charity Marathon in December. The Charity Marathon has led the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Cambodia to carry on a full-scale operation on the physical education at the primary school level to promote healthy growth of the children of the country. The national curriculum of the physical education and health, and teacher's manuals were completed in 2008. We believe that we can help change something, if we keep working together.

We do hope to keep extending helping hands to those in need through sport activities so that adults, children, men, women, professional sports athletes, and those with artificial limbs may be more cheerful.

You may support the Runner's Aid through one of the following ways. Your support is necessary for our activities.

Please try to have the running events, sport events, local festivals, concerts, rummage sales, culture fests and children's events, which take place around you, join the HG Aid Events, and extend your supports.

We use the donations and proceeds from you all fully for our activities such as the management of "Angkor Wat Int'l Half Marathon & Walking," which is the only international charity marathon in Cambodia the disabled can take part in, supports for prosthetic limbs production, rehabilitation for the disabled, self-reliance vocational education for children and HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns.

List of cooperative events (only in Japanese)
For more information, contact HG Head Office.

*:The idea of "Asian Artificial Limbs Production Center" was realized in September 2002 with the establishment of Department of Prosthetics and Orthotics, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Mahidol University, Thailand.